Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Abode of your Dreams

Despite the global economic slowdown, real estate is one sector which has not been affected. The demand for residential property has increased with time, despite the increase in property rates. People dream of owning a house. They save pennies to pursue their dream. Here at SIKKA GROUP, we understand the value of your every penny. You are here at the right place to make your dreams come true.

Since 1986, SIKKA GROUP has been the leading real estate company and we are spreading our wings in other areas as well. Our boundaries expand from real estate developments to automobiles, hospitality, and advertising. Old days have gone when people believed in verbal publicity. We provide you with modern techniques of advertising.  We treat our guest as god providing them with remarkable hospitality services ever.
Working diligently towards constructing a quality structure and happy home to live, started by providing our patrons a happy environment. We initially started with Real Estate Development by participating in open auctions with different govt. bodies by purchasing Commercial, Group Housing, Residential, Industrial and Institutional lands, metamorphosing them into quality & luxurious structures.

A kind acknowledgment to our customers…. that we have completed a lot of projects which includes Commercial, Group Housing, Residential, Industrial, and Institutional in and outside Delhi.
Noida, Express way is becoming the hot bed of real estate with some of the very good infrastructure and lifestyle projects coming up here. We have emerged over the past few decades as a landscape transformer into luxurious residential place.

Transformation is what people want and we are doing it at our best. We know that people make the largest investment of their life in building their house, it is where you live, and it is where you spend most of your time. It has to be homely where one feels safe and sound. We are here to give shape to your dream. Your worries are now our worries.

With the encouragement of our customers and clients, we are expanding our projects to SIKKA KARMIC GREENS, SIKKA KARNAM GREENS, SIKKA CLASSIC HOMES and SIKKA PLAZA.  From classic homes to luxurious apartments, you name it and we shape it as per your requirements. We believe in “A better tomorrow, a better life”. Hence we are working consistently to give you a better life with our services.

We meet up with amenities to provide you the abode of your dreams.

A better tomorrow, a better life...

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  1. Hi, This is from an owner, having an excellent prime plot on the main road of Panchsheel Enclave in New Delhi.

    Problem is that there are too many agents and dealers with too much commission which loss is borne by unfortunate buyer/seller.

    This our own plot is of size 350 sq.yds. Its on sale, or for joint venture. Feel free to email me mserveATmailDOTcom towards a mutual working relationship or call 9555__816__889.

    Maybe a potential dealer/agent cost/loss can be avoided? Kind Regards.